miercuri, 31 martie 2010

NASA: We Are Surrounded By Habitable Planets

- In his new book, How to Find a Habitable Planet, geoscientist Jim Kasting suggests that the chances that each of the stars you see in the sky is being rotated by a planet capable of sustaining life are surprisingly high... Kasting is the chair of NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program Analysis Group. Full story:

* Avatars in Space - The science behind the fiction... "Will We Discover a Real-World Pandora?" The Law of Probabilities Points to 'Yes' Say World's Leading Experts... We will find 'twins of Earth' this year, says astronomer Michel Mayor:
* The Independent: There's another Earth out there – and we'll find it:
* NASA: Sun's Nemesis Pelted Earth with Comets, Study Suggests: