duminică, 23 noiembrie 2008


Eugen Evu, membru al Uniunii Scriitorilor, comenteaza cartea Planeta Eris si incalzirea globala:

Informatii despre Planeta X/ Nibiru/ Eris/ Dark Star, precum si despre fenomenele extreme ce insotesc apropierea ei de sistemul nostru solar, pot fi citite in lucrarea de mai sus. Se poate obtine de la:
EDITURA ANTET (romana) :
http://www.antet.ro/ Tel. 0212221245

EDITURA INFAROM (engleza) : The book Planet Eris and the Global Warming can be found at Amazon and all major bookstores or at publisher's website at http://www.infarom.com/new_releases.html
AMAZON.COM: Planet Eris and the Global Warming - Cristian Negureanu:

About the Author:
Dr.Cristian Negureanu is a well-known author and has published books since 1991. His work is well documented, very serious and he offers the readers innovating works of a great interest today. Among his books are the following: The Gospel According to Darwin, The Arrival of the Gods, The Silence of the Idols, On the Doorsteps of the Kingdom, The Revelation of Psychiatry, The Bible and the Third World War, and Parapsychology and Mysteries of the World.
1) "A variety of intellectual dissidents have suggested that Al Gore is in fact, still working on behalf of the One Party State, by 'distracting' humanity from an apparent Off-world explanation for Global Warming. These 'intellectual dissidents' include Cristian Negureanu, who is the author of Planet Eris and the Global Warming. Yes, it is apparent that Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a scientific standpoint, is a contributing factor to a context of Climate Change. However, the pivotal reason for destabilizing planetary Climate Change, as Cristian Negureanu, and other writers suggest, may very well be a planet that apparently re-enters Earth's region of time-space once every 3,600 years. Apparently, this planetary constellation, has caused historically recorded ancient environmental cataclysms. This has included the warming-up of polar regions, drought, horrific famines and great floods.
MICHEL CORMIER, The Canadian, July 11, 2008
2) "A brilliant, condensed, and charming synthesis of the hypotheses of the great researcher Zecharia Sitchin[...] Negureanu [...] with erudition, intuition, and excellent documentation, concentrates the latest data from the wide library of the world... I consider 'Planet Eris and the Global Warming' as the book of the year! […] Cristian Negureanu’s book is really a major event".
EUGEN EVU, Member of the Romanian Union of Writers, January 2008
3) "Dr. Cristian Negureanu proves to be highly trained to do a parallelism that is well self-restrained with respect to reasoning – on one side the logic of the historical and archeological facts and the events, and on the other side the invoking of some elements that can be physically and functionally explained only through the modern scientific knowledge."
ION TUGUI, well-known parapsychology writer