joi, 5 februarie 2009

Planet-X and the Sixth Seal

Excerpt from the book The Return of Planet-X by Jaysen Q. Rand (pp. 136-144):
Could this "Planet of the Crossing," called 'Nibiru' by the ancient Sumerians, be the actual culprit for Earth's pole shifts? Could the timing of this object's passage be why so many ancient cultures believed that the Earth underwent cyclic destruction every 3,600 - 4,000 years?
Could this "Planet of the Crossing" called 'Nibiru' by the ancient Sumerians, be the ver same 'object' that the ancient Egyptians called the "terrible comet," the people of South and Central America called "the sky serpent," and the Hopi called it "Saquasohah," and the Babylonians "Marduk," and the Chinese calling it "the red dragon?":