duminică, 6 septembrie 2009

Google's UFO Logo: A Prediction or Celebration of Voyager 1 Anniversary?

The internet was thrown into a tizzy this holiday weekend when Google changed its logo to show a UFO abducting one of Google’s second O. Does Google know something we don't? Did they intercept an extraterrestrial search query on Google? Is the logo an homage to the message of the new scifi hit, District 9? Or could it be in honor of the anniversary of Voyager 1 spacecraft mission? Full story:

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* THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT SAYS UFO's AND ALIENS BEINGS ARE AMONG US... The Bible and the Invisible UFO's... Astronauts of Antiquity... They are Here! (in a parallel universe) ... The case of an image taken by Jim Templeton in Carlisle (England), in 1964, which showed, after its development, a human being dressed in a silvery suit near his daughter: