joi, 8 octombrie 2009


Ancient texts reveal that Noah’s ark was built with the help of aliens – and that it was actually a submarine especially made to help him survive the great flood.

Author and biblical scholar Zecharia Sitchin analyzed the original Hebrew version of the Old Testament and other ancient writings. According to those texts, “Noah was advised to construct a boat ‘roofed over and below’ and ‘hermetically sealed with pitch,’” said Sitchin. Full story:

* The Submarine and the Transatlantic Liner - The flood described by the Sumerian plates is DIFFERENT than the one described in the Bible, the main characters and the life boats being totally different:

* How celestials assist humanity with extraterrestrial life... The Unknown History of Mankind... The Genesis of the Monkey People and the Genesis of the Anunnaki People... Modern Science and the Ancient Writings on the Genesis of the Solar System: