sâmbătă, 2 octombrie 2010

Does ET live on Goldilocks planet? How scientists spotted 'mysterious pulse of light' from direction of newly-discovered '2nd Earth' two years ago

- An astronomer picked up a mysterious pulse of light coming from the direction of the newly discovered Earth-like planet almost two years ago, it has emerged.
Dr Ragbir Bhathal, a scientist at the University of Western Sydney, picked up the odd signal in December 2008, long before it was announced that the star Gliese 581 has habitable planets in orbit around it. Full story:

* Planet X - Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent,' Astronomer Say... Planet X/Eris/Nibiru is one of many Planets that orbit a dark star or (Brown Dwarf). This Dark Star (Gliese 581) has five minor planets, the sixth an Earth-sized Homeworld, and the seventh the planet or object we call Nibiru... it is the physical link or "ferry" between our solar system and the Dark Star (Gliese 581) system... ECOLOGICAL EVIDENCE from Previous PLANET X Passages... PLANET X - CLASSIFIED INFORMATION... Mysterious force hinders NASA spacecraft... Discovery (Aug 25, 2010): IS THE SUN EMITTING A MYSTERY PARTICLE?... LiveScience(29 July 2010): Antarctica Experiment Discovers Puzzling Space Ray Pattern: