duminică, 4 ianuarie 2009

Can Jesus Become Your New SF Hero?

If science and religion are natural enemies, then what about science fiction and Christianity? A new Christian film festival plans to look at how to approach the genre... and maybe co-opt it a little, too:

* The Unknown History of Mankind - the Bodies of Messiah:

* Secrets of the Vatican - UFO's in the Ancient Art:

* THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM MYSTERY: - It was a spaceship, because a star doesn't actually go to, stop at, or get so close to Earth:

* Jacques Vallee: FATIMA EVENT WAS UFO - More seriously, the description made at Fatima, Portugal, OF A SILVERY DISK WHICH FLEW THROUGH THE SKY, WAS SEEN BY SEVENTY THOUSAND WITNESSES AND WAS PHOTOGRAPHED AS IT MANEUVERED, deserves a place in our resume of the 'flying saucer' legend:

* Messiah - His Spaceships: