duminică, 21 iunie 2009

Vanga predicted break out of Third World War in 2010

- There are not many people who believe in clairvoyants’ predictions. However, such beliefs stay strong until those predictions begin to come true. As for the predictions of the Bulgarian remote-viewer and healer Vanga (Vangelia Gushterova), people began to listen out for her words long ago. Vanga presumably became known for her predictions of global disasters.
For example, Vanga predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, when she said that American brothers would fall under attacks of birds of steel. The clairvoyant also predicted the beginning of WWII, the perestroika in the USSR, the death of Princess Diana and even the sinking of the Kursk submarine. Full story:
- VANGA: The Most Direct Connection (…Between Earth and The Vamphim):

* 2009: US to be hit by nuclear bomb... Alexey Fud, a well-known Russian clairvoyant, has made a breakthrough forecast for 2009. According to him, next year one of the American cities will be hit with a nuclear bomb:
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