luni, 25 ianuarie 2010

Aliens are likely to look and behave like us

Alien life, if it exists at, all is likely to be just like us, a leading scientist has claimed. He also believes aliens would also share our human weaknesses for greed, violence and the exploitation of others. Full story:

* They are here! (in a parallel universe)... Astronauts of antiquity ... The case of an image taken by Jim Templeton in Carlisle (England), in 1964, which showed, after its development, a human being dressed in a silvery suit near his daughter... Talking to the Gods...

- "Deep Thought" - The Large Hadron Collider Could Prove the Existence of a Parallel Universe - A Daily Galaxy 2009 Top Story:

* They are Here!... Astronauts of Antiquity:
- FILM (History Channel): Ancient Aliens (2009)
- FILM (National Geographic): Is it Real? - Ancient Astronauts
- FILM (National Geographic / Discovery Science): Bermuda Triangle: