miercuri, 13 ianuarie 2010

The Sun: Leaf on Mars

A MARS probe has stunned NASA scientists by sending home pictures of what look like TREES. Full story: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2805295/Mars-probe-shows-trees-on-planet.html

* MARS COLOSSAL PLANTS REVISITED... PHOTOS - The colossal plant or tree evidence in the older MGS MOC M08-04688 image (per my 2001 Report #019) is some of the most powerful biological life evidence to be imaged on the planet Mars...
- Buzz Aldrin stokes the mystery of the monolith on Mars... First direct evidence of lightning on Mars detected... Nat.Geographic: Liquid Water Recently Seen on Mars?... The Guardian: It's snowing on Mars... NASA HIDES THE TRUE COLOUR OF MARS:
* CNN: 'Airplane view' of Mars yields stunning images... CBS NEWS: Photos From Mars Orbiter Appear Abstract... We may know Mars as the Red Planet, but many of the HiRise images are studies in blue: