marți, 12 ianuarie 2010

Dreamtime Meteor Impact Found with Google Earth

Duane Hamacher a PhD student from Australia’s Macquarie University found an ancient meteor impact crater in a remote location of the Northern Territory by searching Google Earth and following clues from an ancient dreamtime legend told by the indigenous Arrernte people... Much more recent is the Henbury Meteorites field, a collection of over 13 small craters formed by a meteor breaking up before impact just over 4,000 years ago. Full story:

* Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision - 3600 years ago: "The rain of meteorites and fire from the sky, the clouds of dust of exogenous origin that drifted low, and the displacement of the world quarters created the impression that the sky had collapsed... The Talmud and other ancient rabbinical sources tell of great disturbances in the solar movement at the time of the Exodus and the Passage of the Red Sea... The ancient people of Mexico reffered to a world age that came to its end... Strabo relates, in the name of Ptolemaeus, the son of Lagus, a general of Alexander and founder of the Egyptian dynasty called by his name, that the Celti who lived on the shores of the Adriatic were asked by Alexander what it was they most feared, to which they replied that they feared no one, but only that the sky might collapse"...
- BBC: Ancient tsunami 'hit New York'... ECOLOGICAL EVIDENCE from Previous PLANET X Passages: