luni, 2 martie 2009

Aliens Are Already Here

Alien worlds may exist billions of light years away or at the bottom of your coffee cup. The latest chemical and biological research suggests that extraterrestrial life may exist all around us or even inside human bodies.
Biologists found out long ago that many microorganisms, including bacteria, can survive in the hostile space environment:

*Fred Hoyle (1983), a world renowned astronomer said, that life appeared on our planet following an interplanetary travel.
* Francis Crick, Nobel prize laureate for discovering the DNA, in his book Life Itself, its Origin and Nature, wrote that "life on Earth was brought here by micro - organisms from another planet, these micro - organisms traveling inside a spaceship sent to Earth by a superior civilization, developed somewhere else, billions of years ago".
* Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet: " If life have begun in that 'primordial soup' as most biologists think, different genetic codes organisms would also have appeared … There was a celestial collision … During this collision, the soil and atmosphere which were favorable to life on that planet were transferred to our planet, too. … The living organisms on Earth have a high degree of rare chemical elements but extremely few of those existing in large amounts here, on our planet, proof that life have appeared elsewhere, on another planet":