joi, 19 martie 2009

The Daily Galaxy: Planet X Redux!

* The Daily Galaxy - Cruising the Goldilocks Zone -The Search for "Earth's Twins" -A Galaxy Classic - A little over a year and some three hundred exo-planet discoveries ago, astronomers at the European Southern Observatory in Chile announced that they had found what might be the first habitable planet outside the solar system. Known as Gliese 581c, the new planet is only five times as massive as the Earth and inhabits a rare sweet zone around a dim red star in the constellation Libra where it is neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water:
* The Daily Galaxy - Planet X Redux! - The search for the mythical Planet X may not be over yet. Scientists at Kobe University, Japan, announced that they believe another planet is orbiting within our solar system, up to two-thirds the size of the Earth. Yes, Trekkers, Planet-X is back!:
* YouTube - Kobe University thinks they know where Planet X is:

* Planet Gliese 581c and Planet X/Eris/Nibiru - Nibiru is one of many Planets that orbit a dark star or (Brown Dwarf). This Dark Star has five minor planets, the sixth an Earth-sized Homeworld, and the seventh the planet or object we call Nibiru... it is the physical link or "ferry" between our solar system and the dark star system of it's Brown Dwarf Star: