vineri, 6 martie 2009


On 13 May, 1917 AD three Children in Fatima Portugal (Lucia age 10, Francisco age 9, and Jacinta, age 7) received a series of three, amazing visions... The Third Prophecy of Fatima warns us of COMET IMPACT, that a Comet will impact earth and threaten all life... The ancient world believed in a Comet Planet that near passes Earth every 3600 years... Many believe in times past this Comet Planet (called Planet "X" and NIBIRU) caused the Great Flood of Noah's Day by breaking the glaciers loose. Full story:

* PLANET X AND THE BIBLE... 2012 Wisdom From the Ancients - The Kolbrin Bible:
* Jacques Vallee: FATIMA EVENT WAS UFO - More seriously, the description made at Fatima, Portugal, OF A SILVERY DISK WHICH FLEW THROUGH THE SKY, WAS SEEN BY SEVENTY THOUSAND WITNESSES AND WAS PHOTOGRAPHED AS IT MANEUVERED, deserves a place in our resume of the 'flying saucer' legend:
* Secrets of the Vatican - UFO's in the Ancient Art...THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM MYSTERY... Messiah - His Spaceships: