duminică, 10 mai 2009

Hubble to get upgrade in risky shuttle mission

The Hubble Space Telescope is to be given a last lease of life with a risky repair mission due to launch on Monday that will allow the ageing observatory to peer deeper into space than ever before.
Astronauts on board the Atlantis space shuttle will make five spacewalks to repair malfunctioning electronics on board Hubble and install new equipment that is expected to extend the iconic space telescope's life for another five years. Full story:

* Planet X - Follow The Money: When you follow the money, you see that our governments are taking this threat seriously. They’re spending immense sums to understand and cope with this threat. They are doing the right things, and at the right time. When you see the facts for yourself, the truth of it becomes unavoidable. There are science facts, and then there are economic realities. To see the difference, let’s follow the money as we examine the recent burst of research activity by space agencies worldwide. We’ll look at NASA (USA) , ESA (Europe), CNES (France) and JAXA (Japan), and what they’re saying:
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* The Institute for Human Continuity commends Californian Congressman for Planet X Forsight saying preparedness for Near Earth Objects is key for the survival of the human race... As Planet X approaches our galaxy, its gravitational pull will interact with these NEOs in potentially disastrous ways for our planet.The Sky is Falling: the deadly threat posed by Near Earth Objects and what we can do about itBy Rep. Dana Rohrabacher :