joi, 13 august 2009

How Is America Going To End?

The apocalypse you chose. Plus, the end-of-America social network... The most popular scenario—"Loose Nukes," chosen by 10.5 percent of Slate readers—combines modern and old-fashioned anxieties. "Taliban fighters wrest nuclear weapons from a destabilized Pakistan. Or al-Qaida acquires a small arsenal of nukes from a disintegrating Russia," the scenario description embedded in "Choose Your Own Apocalypse" reads. Full story;

* "US to be hit by nuclear bomb in 2009" (Alexey Fud, a well-known Russian clairvoyant)... Vanga predicted break out of Third World War in 2010... The Nostradamus Code:World War III (2009-2012)... The Bible and the Third World War - the 1000 Year Kingdom: