joi, 24 martie 2011

Planet now entering epochal period of geological change

- UK torrential rains (November 2009) worst rains in 1000 years... Nashville Tennessee flooding (May 1, 2 2010) worst flooding in 1000 years... Slovakia flooding (June 2010) worst flooding in 1000 years... Russia heat-wave (August 2010) worst heat-wave in 1000 years... Europe hit by coldest winter in 1000 years (December 2010)... Australia flooding of biblical porpotions (January 2011)... Tōhoku Japan 9.0 quake and tsunami (March 11, 2011) worst tsunami in Japan in 1000 years. Full story:

* Up telescope! Search begins for giant new planet - Tyche may be bigger than Jupiter and orbit at the outer edge of the solar system... Gigantic hidden planet could be hurling comets at the rest of the solar system... National Geographic (November 19, 2008): "High-energy electrons captured over Antarctica could reveal the presence of a nearby but MYSTERIOUS ASTROPHYSICAL OBJECT that's bombarding Earth with cosmic rays, researchers say":