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Intrebare cu raspuns necunoscut: A fost descoperit un OZN in adancurile oceanului? VIDEO

- O expeditie de cercetare a oceanului, condusa de omul de stiinta Peter Lindberg a gasit un obiect bizar, care seamana cu un Obiect Zburator Neidentificat. Echipa cauta in adancuri ruinele unui cargo care transporta un tip foarte rar de sampanie. Detalii:

Mysterious round object found at seafloor on Baltic

- An ocean exploration team led by Swedish researcher Peter Lindberg has found interesting discovery on the 300-foot-deep ocean floor between Finland and Sweden, near Gulf of Bothnia. Lindberg’s team was using sonar to look for the century-old wreck of a ship that went down carrying several cases of a super-rare champagne. Instead, the team discovered what it claims is a mysterious round object that might (or might not) be extraterrestrial. Full story:

* Revealed: The secret FBI files that shows how police and army officers saw a UFO explode over Utah... The memo that 'proves aliens landed at Roswell'... released online by the FBI... Star Wars - Russia 'to work with Nato on missile defence shield' -Ronald Reagan - The Alien Thread... Interview with Nick Pope...Nick has been worked for Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) for twenty-one years in several capacities, most notably from 1991 to 1994 investigating UFO claims to assertain MoD interests...New British PM David Cameron: "Aliens in UFOs have visited Earth"... NASA Footage of UFO Fleet Leaving Earth... Pravda: Extraterrestrial Spaceships Land and Crash on Earth Regularly...(VIDEO): Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: The UFO crash in Roswell:

Mega-quake could hit south of Vancouver Island

- A B.C. study says the fault line between two tectonic plates in the Pacific Northwest is seven kilometres deeper than originally believed. Full story:

* Expert Panel: Central U.S. Faces Real Threat of Quake... US SCIENTISTS FEAR WEST COAST EARTHQUAKE CCTV News...Californian frequent landslides sign of major geological change?...FEMA urges all Americans to prepare for earthquakes or other disasters... Massive Earthquake Fears Rise After Mysterious Object Moves Nearer To Earth... National Geographic: North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux...National Geographic: Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says... LOS ANGELES 'BIG ONE' COULD COME SOONER THAN EXPECTED: STUDY... Southern California faults are feeling the pressure... US west coast at risk of “mega-quake”... San Andreas-Like Fault Found in Eastern U.S... Planet X approaching consequences. Evacuations: Gulf of Mexico Earthquake, Islands will be arising...Australian Survey Buoy Anomalies Offer New Evidence That Planet X is Approaching From the South:

Oameni de ştiinţă: Canada este ameninţată de un cutremur puternic

- Pe coasta Pacificului din Canada se înregistrează o acumulare importantă de energie seismică, fapt ce ar putea duce la un cutremur puternic, semnalează geologi de la Simon Fraser University în ultimul număr al revistei Nature Geoscience, citat de Agerpres. Detalii:

* Japonia se poate aştepta la un seism puternic în altă regiune, şi mai vulnerabilă... Marmureanu: Acest cutremur ar putea sa nu fie The Big One, cel asteptat... Un cutremur mare e foarte probabil in California, in viitorul apropiat (Video)... "The Big One", seismul major de care se teme California, ar putea sa se produca mult mai devreme decat este prevazut... Ion Sandu,ANM: Fenomenele extreme vor fi tot mai violente:

miercuri, 27 iulie 2011

Polul nord magnetic si-a dublat viteza

- Polul nord magnetic si-a dublat viteza, la fiecare 50 de ani, iar deplasarea acestuia din anul 2000 a ajuns la ingrijoratoarea distanta de 70 de kilometri. Detalii:

* Deplasarea polilor magnetici nu va ucide viaţa pe Terra... News. com, 21 ianuarie 2003 - Gauri magnetice in Poli. Oamenii de stiinta danezi au descoperit ca niste gauri se formau in campul magnetic al Pamantului, sugerand ca Polul Nord si Polul Sud se pregatesc sa-si inverseze pozitiile... National Geographic (December 24, 2009): Polul Nord magnetic se deplaseaza spre sud... Live Science ( 29 July 2010): Un tip ciudat de raze cosmice bombardeaza Pamantul din spatiu... National Geographic (November 19, 2008): "Un Misterios Obiect Astrofizic bombardeaza Pamantul cu raze cosmice":

Alarming NOAA data, Rapid Pole Shift

- The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center maintains a data set of annual magnetic north pole coordinates going back to the year 1590, derived from early measurements from ships logs to modern day techniques.
Noting that there has been lots of reporting of pole shift lately, to the point where the phenomenon is actually causing real-world issues such as temporary airport closures, a deeper investigation was in order. Full story:

* Ordinary Compasses Thrown Off by Changes in Earth's Magnetic Field... Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms...National Geographic: North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux... Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole impacts Tampa airport... ...National Geographic: Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says... Science News: Simulations And Ancient Magnetism Suggest Mantle Plumes May Bend Deep Beneath Earth's Crust... National Geographic (November 19, 2008): "High-energy electrons captured over Antarctica could reveal the presence of a nearby butMYSTERIOUS ASTROPHYSICAL OBJECT that's bombarding Earth with cosmic rays, researchers say":

Germania, impanzita de tuneluri secrete. Exista o lume subpamanteana?

- O retea de peste 700 de tuneluri secrete subpamantene a fost descoperita in Germania. Desi galeriile au fost construite intre secolele al X-lea si al XIII-lea, scopul acestor labirinturi ciudate este un mister. Detalii:

* O lume paralela, ascunsa in interiorul Pamantului?... Misterul din miezul Pamantului - o sfera de foc, care se topeste?...Vom ajunge la miezul Pamantului?... Secretul din miezul Pamantului, un reactor nuclear urias?...GENERALUL EMIL STRAINU DESPRE TEORIA PAMANTULUI GOL IN INTERIOR... Calatorie spre centrul Pamantului (FOTO - VIDEO):

Germany, Bavaria: Experts Baffled by Mysterious Underground Chambers

- There are more than 700 curious tunnel networks in Bavaria, but their purpose remains a mystery. Were they built as graves for the souls of the dead, as ritual spaces or as hideaways from marauding bandits? Archeologists are now exploring the subterranean vaults to unravel their secrets. Full story:

* Parallel world hidden inside Earth... Update: Does The Earth Harbors a Huge, Natural Nuclear Reactor at its Core?... Vast oceans lay beneath surface of the Earth... FILM: Journey to the Hollow Earth...LiveScience (28 February 2007): Huge 'Ocean' Discovered Inside Earth... Apollo 8, Apollo 16 and Hollow Earth Theories:

luni, 25 iulie 2011

Miracolele vietii: o rusoaica traieste cu jumatate de creier si picteaza uimitor

- O rusoaica in varsta de 21 de ani din Sankt Petersburg, Taisia Sidorova, care si-a pierdut jumatate din creier in urma unei operatii, s-a refacut uimitor dupa interventia chirurgicala, descoperindu-si totodata un talent de care habar nu avea inainte. Tanara a constatat ca are un talent uimitor in ceea ce priveste pictura. Detalii:

* ŞOCANT: Un copil fără cerebel uimeşte lumea medicală... O fetiţă din SUA trăieşte cu jumătate de creier - VIDEO... Italia... fetita normala cu jumatate de creier... femeie din China, de 39 ani, cu o viaţă absolut normală... are jumatate de creier... Misterul celui captiv în propriul corp... Mina artificiala controlata cu mintea... I-a "crescut" un brat fantoma, dupa un atac cerebral... TEORIA "INIMĂ - RĂRUNCHI" ŞI PSIHOLOGIA VIITORULUI:

Girl loses half her brain in car crash... and gains an amazing new artistic ability

- A girl left with half-a-brain after a horrific car crash has emerged from a coma with a new artistic ability.

Taisia Sidorova, 21, from St Petersburg, was given the last rites after the accident three years ago that left half her skull smashed and fragments of bone wedged in her brain. Full story:

* Boy Without a Cerebellum Baffles Doctors... Miracle of the boy with half a brain... Meet the girl with half a brain... Michelle Mack... Born with half a brain, woman living full life... German Girl With Half-Empty Skull Sees Normally Through One Eye... 39 years old Chinese woman, living a perfectly normal life... she had only half a brain... THE "HEART - KIDNEYS" THEORY AND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE FUTURE:

duminică, 24 iulie 2011

Pamantul e in pericol? Meteorit urias de 25 de tone, gasit in China (Video)

- Intr-o provincie din nord-vestul Chinei, pe un munte de 2.900 de metri a fost descoperit un meteorit neobisnuit, de fier, avand masa de aproximativ 25 de tone.
Ca specialist in meteoriti, lui Baolin Zhang, de la Planetariul din Beijing, ii parvin tot felul de rapoarte neobisnuite, cum ar fi cel primit de curand de la o taranca. Ea a gasit recent un meteorit in curtea ei. Detalii:

* Un meteorit a gaurit acoperisul unei case, in Polonia (Video)...Imagini terifiante ale asteroizilor care ameninta Terra (FOTO/VIDEO)... Astronautii canadienii si americanii incep sa puna in aplicare planurile de salvare a planetei....Planeta Jupiter a fost lovită de un asteroid. Energia de impact e similară cu a câtorva mii de bombe atomice!... Columbia: Un meteorit a facut un crater de 100 m diametru:

Massive Meteorite Found in China

- As the meteorite specialist for the Beijing Planetarium, Baolin Zhang gets all kinds of unusual reports - like the dramatic (but ultimately specious) tale of a peasant woman who recently found a blue-ice "meteorite" in her yard. Full story:

* A rare direct hit from a meteorite... U.S. Must Be Ready to Meet Asteroid Threat, White House Science Adviser Says... Cdn and American astronauts want world to start getting ready for asteroids...Our terrifyingly crowded solar system: New video reveals just how many asteroids are out there... Mysterious object or planet moves over the sun on SOHO imagery...Gigantic hidden planet could be hurling comets at the rest of the solar system:

vineri, 22 iulie 2011

Cratere gigantice formate in Mexic socheaza lumea (Video)

- Un fenomen mai putin obisnuit s-a produs inMexic, unde au aparut cratere uriase pe o distanta de 500 de metri. Fenomenul s-a extins in zona, din cauza exploatarii excesive a apei din regiune. Detalii:

* FOTO / VIDEO Crater de 60 de metri adâncime şi cu diametru de 30, produs în Guatemala după o furtuna tropicală:

Gigantic Crack Opens Up In Mexico

- The crack appeared on 13 July in Santa Maria Huejoculco in Chalco, State Mexico, land has now reached 500 meters long and authorities have not taken preventive measures, warned James Espinoza Hilario, responsible for Social planning on the Sierra Nevada project of the Autonomous Metropolitan University. Full story:

* Tropical Storm Agatha blows a hole in Guatemala City:

marți, 19 iulie 2011

Iranul a anunţat că instalează centrifuge nucleare mai bune

- Iranul a anunţat că instalează centrifuge "de o mai bună calitate şi viteză" pentru a îmbunătăţi procesul de îmbogăţire a uraniului, în pofida apelurilor internaţionale de oprire a activităţilor nucleare ale Teheranului. Detalii:

* ISRAELUL INTENTIONEAZA SA ATACE IRANUL IN SEPTEMBRIE... Razboi mondial, pana in iarna - Analist american... Daca Israel ataca Siria incepe Al Treilea razboi Mondial, spun analistii militari... Un nou război va izbucni în Orientul Mijlociu în toamnă, spun experţii ruşi...Codul lui Nostradamus si Biblia despre al Treilea Razboi Mondial...Fidel Castro: SUA ar putea provoca un război nuclear dacă atacă Iranul...Un rabin în vârstă de 108 ani prezice venirea lui Mesia în zilele noastre…şi e vorba de Iisus Hristos!:

Iran says installing 'speedier' nuclear centrifuges

- Iran announced Tuesday it is installing new centrifuges with "better quality and speed" to enrich uranium in its nuclear facilities, defying international demands it halt its atomic activities. Full story:

* 'Israel plans to strike Iran in September'... Israel Minister: Strike on Iran Could Be Necessary... GERALD CELENTE: The Spanish Are Picking Up Where The Egyptians Left Off, And By Winter The Revolution Will Be Global... The Arab Revolution is knocking at Israel's door... Tony Blair memoirs: we must be prepared for attack on Iran'...Exclusive: Al Qaeda Plans for Israel War...Israel: We Will Stop Iran Nukes (8.15.10)... Ex-CIA chief Hayden: Military action against Iran "seems inexorable"... Israeli attack on Iran might lead to nuclear conflict - Medvedev... Rabbi Reveals Name of the Messiah:

luni, 18 iulie 2011

"Another Earth" --The Discovery of Our Twin Planet (Sundance Film Festival Winner -Movie Video)

- In ANOTHER EARTH, Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling), a bright young woman accepted into MIT's astrophysics program, aspires to explore the cosmos. A brilliant composer, John Burroughs (William Mapother), has just reached the pinnacle of his profession and is about to have a second child. On the eve of the discovery of a duplicate Earth, tragedy strikes and the lives of these strangers become irrevocably intertwined. Full story:

* The Event and Comet Elenin... Web Abuzz over Elenin Comet and Object(s) Following it... Zecharia Sitchin - Looking for alien DNA... Origin of the Species, From an Alien View... Alien Genes Found in Human DNA... Vatican Prepares for the truth about our Annunaki heritage!... Close Encounters of the Sacred Kind... Bible Story Of Red Sea Parting 'May Be True'... ASTRONAUTS OF ANTIQUITY... Secrets of the Vatican - UFO's in the Ancient Art... UFO Disclosure 2010: The Vatican's Key Role...Pope's star watcher to visit Nasa (12th February 2009) and talk aliens:

duminică, 17 iulie 2011

Descoperirea secolului: Noi nu existam si suntem doar holograme?

- Este posibil ca noi sa avem o existenta imaginara. Daca suntem cei adevarati si nu cumva holograme este o problema aprig dezbatuta in lumea stiintifica.
Daca vom afla raspunsul la aceasta intrebare, am putea trece dincolo de limitele cunoasterii actuale si am obtine date care sa ne clarifice tainele existentei oamenilor. Detalii:

* Oamenii vor trece candva intr-un univers paralel?... Cercetatorii de la Fermilab au descoperit o neregularitate suspecta care ar putea indica existenta unei noi particule elementare... NASA cauta Universuri paralele formate din antimaterie... Viitoarea masina a timpului se afla sub pamant in Elvetia?...Descoperirea anului 2010: Puntea de legătură dintre microcosmos şi universul vizibil...Descoperirea secolului: Universurile extraterestre?... NASA vrea sa demonstreze existenta universurilor paralele (Video)... LHC ar putea demonstra existenta unui univers paralel:

Are We Living in a Holographic Universe? This May Be the Greatest Revolution of the 21st Century

- What if our existence is a holographic projection of another, flat version of you living on a two-dimensional "surface" at the edge of this universe? In other words, are we real, or are we quantum interactions on the edges of the universe - and is that just as real anyway? Full story:

* "The Human Species Will One Day Migrate to a Parallel Universe" - Michio Kaku... Fermilab Finds Possible 'New Particle'... Proof of extra dimensions possible next year: CERN... Scientists Invent a Tractor Beam... Time Machine Built in Europe, Russian Scientists Say... Time Travel Is Possible, Says Stephen Hawking... Teleportation and forcefields possible within decades, says Professor Michio Kaku... Michio Kaku: Is Time Travel Possible?... Freaky Physics Proves Parallel Universes Exist: