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Former astronaut scoffs at global warming

Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, one of the last men to walk on the moon and a former U.S. senator from New Mexico, doesn't buy the idea that humans are causing global warming. "I don't think the human effect is significant compared to the natural effect," he said. Full story:

* AFP: Czech president attacks Al Gore's climate campaign:
* Global Warming: Two sides of mass-deception:
* THE GLOBAL WARMING MYTH- Prof David Bellamy:
* FOXNews: Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore for Fraud:

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The Multiverse -Is it Science or Religion?

The Multiverse - A Supranatural Science:

* The Bible and the Invisible UFO's... Astronauts of Antiquity... They are Here! (in a parallel universe) - The case of an image taken by Jim Templeton in Carlisle (England), in 1964, which showed, after its development, a human being dressed in a silvery suit near his daughter:

The Search for an Ancient Supernova in the Antarctica

Japanese scientists have journeyed to Antarctica to recover evidence of alterations to Earth's atmosphere, caused in medieval times by supernovae recorded by ancient scholars - including obscure Irish monasteries where monks later interpreted them signs of the Antichrist . No, this isn't the plot of the next Dan Brown novel (or a Dan Brow fanfiction written by an X-Files addict): this is real science. Full story:

* National Geographic (November 19, 2008) - Dark Matter Proof Found Over Antarctica? - High-energy electrons captured over Antarctica could reveal the presence of a nearby but MYSTERIOUS ASTROPHYSICAL OBJECT that's bombarding Earth with cosmic rays, researchers say:
* JAPANESE SCIENTISTS EYE MYSTERIOUS "PLANET X"-The researchers at Kobe University in western Japan said calculations using computer simulations led them to conclude it was only a matter of time before the mysterious "Planet X" was found:

Future Threats to the Global Environment-NanoMaterials, Manmade Viruses & Biomimetic Robots

Forget about rising global water levels: Researchers, policymakers and environmental campaigners have identified 25 potential future threats to the environment including nanomaterials, manmade viruses and biomimetic robots... that could become new invasive species. Full story:

* BBC: Scientists Meet for Alien Summit... Report on Possible Alien Invasion - Planet X / Secret UN Meetings on ET Life Continue:

SF sau reala amenintare planetara?

Echipe de cercetatori si ecologisti ai diverselor institutii stiintifice din intreaga lume au identificat 25 de noi posibile amenintari la adresa mediului... acidificarea oceanelor, incalzirea globala... ei vad in robotii biomimetici o potentiala specie invadatoare, ce ar putea lansa un atac apocaliptic asupra omenirii. Detalii:

* BBC: Report on Possible Alien Invasion - Planet X - Secret files on UFO sightings have been made available for the first time by the Ministry of Defence:

Jerusalem Post: The Iran-Israel nuclear endgame is now much closer

In recent days, four key developments have clicked in to edge Iran and Israel much closer to a military denouement with profound consequences for American oil that the nation is not prepared to meet.
What has happened? Full story;

* Sydney Morning Herald: Israel ready to strike Iran: ex-envoy:
* Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton Gauges Global Impact of Gaza Crisis:

CBS News: Glaciers Melting Faster Than First Thought

(AP) Glaciers in Antarctica are melting faster and across a much wider area than previously thought, a development that threatens to raise sea levels worldwide and force millions of people to flee low-lying areas, scientists said Wednesday. Full story:

* LiveScience: Antarctic Meltdown Would Flood Washington, D.C.:

Discovery: Do Astronomers Believe in Extraterrestrial Life?

The scoop: Believing that intelligent extraterrestrial life -- better known as alien life -- exists is one thing.
Believing that they have visited Earth in our short time on the planet is another. Astronomer, author and blogger Phil Plait explains. Full story:

Dumitru Prunariu: OZN - uri si extraterestri

a) "În autocarul care ne transporta către hotel, am stat lângă Vasily Tsibliev şi acesta mi-a mărturisit că a văzut în cosmos două pălării care au zburat paralel cu noi. Am încercat să vorbesc cu ai mei dar mi-au spus să-mi vad de treabă pentru că am fost trimis în cosmos pentru experimente ştiinţifice nu să fac vâlvă cu tot felul de aiureli de acestea tip OZN. Dacă spun mai departe nu o să mă mai lase să zbor, iar eu vreau să zbor în cosmos în continuare, aşa că n-am să povestesc", povesteşte Prunariu. Detalii:
b) Inca o confirmare Prunariu: Exista extraterestri, dar secretul este bine pastrat:

* Nasa Ufo Pictures, Real photos of ufos from Nasa:

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HotNews: Apa lichida pe Marte

Misiunea martiana Phoenix continua sa ne rezerve surprize. Ultima dintre ele este....o picatura de apa. Sau, cel putin, ceva care seamana foarte bine cu o picatura de apa. Prima picatura de apa de pe Marte. Detalii:

* Realitatea TV: Rocile de pe Marte se plimbă:
* Revista Descopera: Oamenii pot fi adevaratii martieni:

Nat.Geographic: Liquid Water Recently Seen on Mars?

Strange globs seen on the landing strut of the Phoenix Mars lander could be the first proof that modern Mars hosts liquid water, a new paper reports. Full story:

* Blue Sky and Life on Mars!:

NASA talks little green men with Vatican

It's a good time to be a Catholic and a cosmologist. Heretic stake burnings are at an all-time low, and the Vatican has even warmed to the idea of ETs out there in the infinite expanse.
So, it was a notably un-charred and still-communicated Father George Coyne, former director of the Vatican Observatory, who stopped by NASA's Ames Research Center Thursday night to chat about the possibility of life on other plants. Full story:

* Vatican and Planet X:
* ECOLOGICAL EVIDENCE from Previous PLANET X Passages:

Gardianul: NASA cauta viata in alte sisteme solare cu ajutorul navetei Kepler

Pe data de 5 martie, NASA va lansa o sonda care va iesi din Sistemul Solar si va cauta planete asemanatoare cu Terra, care ar putea fi locuite. Lansarea va avea loc la Cap Canaveral, Florida, cu ajutorul unei rachete Delta II. Detalii:

* Gardianul: Planeta X, denumita Nibiru, ameninta viata de pe Terra... Un obiect necunoscut "bombardeaza" energetic Antarctica:

NASA's Kepler Mission to Seek Other Earths

WASHINGTON, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NASA's Kepler spacecraft is ready to be moved to the launch pad today and will soon begin a journey to search for worlds that could potentially host life. Full story:

* European Space Agency - Planet X - Follow The Money:
* Pope's star watcher to visit Nasa and talk aliens:

Pope's star watcher to visit Nasa and talk aliens

The Vatican is to go head to head with Nasa over the possibility of life existing anywhere else in the Universe except Earth. Full story:

* Secrets of the Vatican - UFO's in the Ancient Art... Messiah - His Spaceships:
* Vatican and Planet X:

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The 10 Most Influential UFO-Inspired Books, Movies and TV Shows

UFO culture began in the late 40’s, when a pilot’s account of a midair encounter with mysterious aircraft triggered similar reports across the United States. Authors, movie producers and a few hack journalists were quick to respond. By the late 1950s, pop culture was completely preoccupied with aliens, and the clichés it created then have been repeated and reinvented ever since. Here are the books, TV shows and movies that helped create the mythology of UFOs in America. They aren’t the best, or the worst, but the ones that made the most impact on the prevailing American superstition of our time. Full story:

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Doomsday seed vault's stores are growing

An armed guard stands outside the entrance to the 'doomsday' seed vault, in February 2008, near Longyabyen. The stores of seeds in the vault are reportedly growing as researchers rush to preserve 100,000 crop varieties from potential extinction. Full story:

* CNN (YouTube): Norway's ark-Doomsday - 2012 Planet X ?:
* (YouTube): NIBIRU - Norwegian leader's letter of WARNING:

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'Antifreeze' key to life on Mars?

An "antifreeze" chemical in Martian soil could allow pockets of life-sustaining liquid water to exist on the Red Planet, say scientists.
Last year the American space agency Nasa's Phoenix lander made the surprise discovery of perchlorates in Martian soil. Full story:

* Blue Sky and Life on Mars!:

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US fireball 'was meteor, not UFO'

A fireball that blazed across the Texas sky and sparked numerous calls to law enforcement agencies can now can be considered an identified flying object, US officials have claimed:

* Meteorite hunters head to Alberta-Sask. border for 'Rockstock' (November 24, 2008):
* BBC: 'Meteor' streaks across Sweden - 18 January 2009:
* The Institute for Human Continuity commends Californian Congressman for Planet X Forsight saying preparedness for Near Earth Objects is key for the survival of the human race... As Planet X approaches our galaxy, its gravitational pull will interact with these NEOs in potentially disastrous ways for our planet.The Sky is Falling: the deadly threat posed by Near Earth Objects and what we can do about itBy Rep. Dana Rohrabacher :

NASA: Vom descoperi o alta planeta locuibila

Prima planeta care prezinta conditii similare cu cele de pe Pamant va fi descoperita in urmatorii patru ani, cu ajutorul telescopului Corot, sustin astronomii:

* Planet Gliese 581c and Planet X/Eris/Nibiru:

The Independent: There's another Earth out there – and we'll find it

Habitable planet could be located in the next four years, scientists say... The first Earth-like planet orbiting a distant star could be discovered within four years, astronomers believe. None of the 300 "extra-solar" planets so far identified beyond our own system is thought to be suitable for life, so the discovery of an Earth-like planet made of rock rather than hot gas or frozen ice would significantly increase the chances of finding the second habitable world, scientists said:

* Astronomers Discover Earth-Like Planet Outside Solar System... Scientists from the European Southern Observatory working in Chile have found a new planet outside our solar system that is more like Earth than any other known planet... Like Earth, the new planet "Gliese 581c" orbits its sun in "the habitable zone." The estimated surface temperature is between minus 3 and 40 degrees celsius -- neither too cold nor too hot for life as we know it. This means there could be liquid water on the planet's surface:

Canada releases UFO X-Files to the World

The Canadian Government has authorized open public access to thousands of federal government documents concerning UFOs. A total of 9500 digitized documents spanning the years 1947 to the early 1980s have been made available:

* Hillary Clinton desire for UFO & extraterrestrial diplomacy:
* Denmark: Secret UFO archives opened:

Times: Aliens 'may be living among us'

Aliens may be living among us, but we do not know it because they are microbes that do not have the standard biochemistry of Earth-dwelling organisms.
As well as the many forms of life based on DNA that are known to science, the Earth may have been home to a second creation of organisms that make up an unremarked realm of “life as we don’t know it”, according to Paul Davies, of Arizona State University, a cosmologist and theorist of extraterrestrial life:

* They are here! - The case of an image taken by Jim Templeton in Carlisle (England), in 1964, which showed, after its development, a human being dressed in a silvery suit near his daughter:
* Astronauts of antiquity:
* Talking to the Gods:

Ziua: Extraterestrii sunt printre noi!

Renumitul cosmolog Paul Davies sustine ca extraterestrii ar putea fi chiar sub nasul nostru, daca nu chiar in propriul nostru organism:

* Astronautii antichitatii:
* De vorba cu zeii:

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Reuters: Honey Bee crisis (2012?) threatens English fruit farmers

Reuters (Nov 25, 2008) - LONDON - Where in the United States, fruit farmers pay to have bees trucked thousands of miles to pollinate their crops and in parts of China, humans with feather dusters have taken on the task, in Britain most bees go nature's way:

* Albert Einstein said if the honey bees were suddenly gone mankind would have about 4 years left to live. Well, the honey bees are going extinct now and at the present rate in another year or so there will be no more honey bees left on earth. One year from now plus another 4 years gives us the year 2012...
*SETIAI - Honey Bee Navigation... The Earth's magnetic field changes on a daily cycle. It is suspected that this cycle is used by bees to maintain their internal clock. Sensitivity to the magnetic cycle would be especially useful to bees who remain inside the hive and are unable to detect sunrise and sunset. It has been experimentally shown that subtle magnetic disturbances can disrupt the bee's time-keeping abilities:
* The earth's magnetic field impacts climate - Danish study:

December212012 - The Official Website - News

* NumerologyIn numerology every number has a corresponding letter associated with it. The date 12-21-12 reads as, A-B-B-A-A-B. When you consider that the Hebrew language is read from right to left, this date would read BA ABBA. The Hebrew translation for BA ABBA is "Father comes / is coming"
* Jesus said that no man knows the hour or the day of the End of Days. Even Jesus didn't know. Only his father did.But Jesus added that he hoped that those who will live in the Final Generation would look for the signs in the hope their suffering would not be so great.
* NASA predicts that the Sun will also reverse its own magnetic poles during 2012 as result of reaching the end of current 11-year sunspot cycle. Some believe this will amplify the effects of retarding magnetic field on earth, as harmful charged particles blasted away from the sun would more easily penetrate the earth's atmosphere.
* The Vatican holds very closely to the Prophecy of St. Malachy. This Medieval Monk had detailed visions of 112 Popes until Doomsday, also known as The Biblical Apocalypse. The current Pope, Benedict XVI is the 111th named Pope, only one Pope remains.
* Albert Einstein said if the honey bees were suddenly gone mankind would have about 4 years left to live. Well, the honey bees are going extinct now and at the present rate in another year or so there will be no more honey bees left on earth. One year from now plus another 4 years gives us the year 2012...

... 2012 in the NEWS:

The Middle East - Worlds in Collision

Nowhere are these conflicts more obvious than in Israel, and specifically in Jerusalem. It's hard to imagine how so much history, religion and culture can collide and stand in literal heaps. Nowhere is this more evident than at the Temple Mount, flash point for many a conflict over the centuries:

Sydney Morning Herald: Israel ready to strike Iran: ex-envoy

A FORMER senior Israeli diplomat has warned that Israel is ready to launch a military offensive against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. Full story:

* Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton Gauges Global Impact of Gaza Crisis:

Ziua: O fantoma filmata de un pusti de 12 ani! (VIDEO)

Credeti in fantome? Fie ca da, fie ca nu, va invitam sa vedeti filmuletul urmator, surprins cu un telefon mobil de un elev britanic, si sa va dati cu parerea. Imaginile postate pe site-ul "The Sun" arata prezenta unei umbre bine conturate, miscandu-se de colo-colo langa balustrada casei copilului in varsta de 12 ani:

* Mother takes photo of 'angel' in hospital:

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BBC: Neanderthals 'distinct from us'

Scientists studying the DNA of Neanderthals say they can find no evidence that this ancient species ever interbred with modern humans. Full story:
* USA Today: Gene map shows few links between us, Neanderthals:
* FOXNews: Darwin's Birthday Poll: Fewer Than 4 in 10 Believe in Evolution:

USA Today: Gene map shows few links between us, Neanderthals

a) USAToday (2/13/2009) - An international team Thursday said it has completed a draft of the genome (or genetic blueprint) of Neanderthals, which shows that our extinct cousins made "very little, if any" contribution to human genes. Team chief Svante Pääbo of Germany's Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig described the work as a 63% complete gene map... Neanderthals occupied Europe from about 800,000 to 30,000 years ago. Scholars have long argued over their extinction, and their relationship to people... The results suggest that the primitive human ancestors of Neanderthals and modern humans separated, to Europe and Africa respectively, about 800,000 years ago and that Neanderthals became genetically distinct from that common ancestor only about 300,000 years ago:

b) According to the ancient writings - the Sumerian ones and the Bible - two types of genesis took place on earth:
- The genesis of the monkey - people, described in the Sumerian writings - Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet:
300.000 years ago, the inhabitants of Nibiru rebelled - they worked in the mines on Earth and it appears as if they were prisoners. Enki and Ninhursag (his sister) have decided to create a primitive man using genetic engineering techniques and combining the (female) ape genes with those of Enki, the resulting egg being thus impregnated into the uterus of Ninki, Enki's wife:
- The genesis of the Anunnaki - people, clones of the inhabitans of the planet Eris/Nibiru, described in the Bible. Is much more recent, taking place approximately 8000 years ago.
"Then God (Elohim, the divinity = PLURAL), said, 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness' ... then the Lord (Yahweh/Anu - A/N) formed the man of dust from the ground (organic and anorganic material of human body- A/N) and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature " (Genesis 1: 26 ; 2: 7):

FOXNews: Darwin's Birthday Poll: Fewer Than 4 in 10 Believe in Evolution

A new poll released just in time for Charles Darwin's 200th birthday found that only 39 percent of Americans say they "believe in the theory of evolution," and just 24 percent of those who attend church weekly believe in that explanation for the development of life on Earth.Full story:

* The Guardian: Charles Darwin was wrong about the tree of life:
* NOVA - Alien From Earth:
* The Horizon Project:

HotNews: Mai putin de 40% dintre americani cred in evolutionism

Rezultatele unui sondaj de opinie realizat cu ocazia bicentenarului Darwin au relevat ca doar 39% dintre americani mai cred in teoria evolutionismului si doar 24% din cei care frecventeaza saptamanal biserica isi mai dau explicatii stiintifice privind originea vietii pe pamant. Detalii:

* Revista Descopera: Craniul de “hobbit” descoperit in Indonezia nu este uman:
* Descrierile antice ale genezei sistemului solar confirmate de stiinta:

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FOXNews: Video Shows UFO Flying Over British Coastline

Dramatic film of a UFO buzzing over the British coastline sent experts into orbit Wednesday.
Vacationers spilled out of motor homes and drivers stopped in their tracks as a mysterious cylinder hovered over a campsite in Somerset, southwestern England:

* UK Ministry of Defence - UFO Reports in the UK:
* BBC: Tories 'would publish UFO files':

Realitatea TV: Mii de comete "negre" ameninţă Pământul

Mii de comete invizibile „negre” reprezintă o ameninţare permanentă asupra Pământului, potrivit a doi astronomi britanici... Pentru că nu străluceşte, o cometă neagră pe un curs de ciocnire cu Terra ar putea să scape detecţiei. Detalii:

* Congresmanul republican Dana Rohrabacher - fost Presedinte al Comisiei pentru Spatiu si Aeronautica - a introdus (30 ianuarie 2009) un amendament in Senatul american - HR 4917,the “NEO Preparedness Act,” - care, daca va trece, va duce la infiintarea unui Centru de monitorizare a obiectelor din vecinatatea Pamantului. Atrage atentia asupra faptului ca apropierea Planetei X, prin campul ei gravitational, va modifica traiectoria asteroizilor din vecinatatea Terrei.
"The Sky is Falling: the deadly threat posed by Near Earth Objects and what we can do about it."
* Realitatea TV si dovezile unei comete care a distrus Pământul:
* Realitatea TV - Rocile de pe Marte se plimbă:

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Why Look For A Killer Planet X / Nibiru XKBO, When You Already Know It Is Coming?

Planet X-class Kuiper Belt Object (XKBO): A Kuiper Belt Object in a long period orbit around our sun, with sufficient mass to trigger life-threatening global Earth changes as the result of a flyby event. Marshall Masters, YOWUSA.COM:

Californian Congressman for Planet X Forsight

The Institute for Human Continuity commends Californian Congressman for Planet X Forsight saying preparedness for Near Earth Objects is key for the survival of the human race... As Planet X approaches our galaxy, its gravitational pull will interact with these NEOs in potentially disastrous ways for our planet.
The Sky is Falling: the deadly threat posed by Near Earth Objects and what we can do about it
By Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

* The Return of Planet X - International Conference - Roma 2009:
* CNN: Apocalypse in 2012? Date spawns theories, film:

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Florence Nightingale 'might never have succeeded with modern stigma against mental illness'

She became world-famous as the saviour of countless lives and the inventor of modern nursing, but a new report suggests that Florence Nightingale might never have been able to transform hospitals if she had to combat today's stigma against mental illness. The document, co-written by Alastair Campbell, the former Government spin doctor, also questions whether a modern politician could reach the top of their profession suffering from Winston Churchill's "black dog" of depression.
And it queries whether the ideas of other leading figures, including Charles Darwin, Marie Curie and Abraham Lincoln, would be ignored in today's society, which the report found was heavily prejudiced against people with mental health problems. Full story:

* The Antipsychiatry Coalition... Prozac, used by 40M people, does not work, say scientists:
* The Guardian: Charles Darwin was wrong about the tree of life:
* LiveScience: Single Brain Cell Can Hold a Memory:
* LiveScience: People with Super-Memories Forget Nothing:

Unde ar fi ajuns lumea fara lideri cu probleme mentale?

Cercetarea arata ca Winston Churchill, Marie Curie si Lincoln, care sufereau de depresie, Darwin, care avea crize de anxietate si suferea de agorafobie, au avut un rol decisiv asupra viitorului omenirii. Chiar si Florence Nightingale era maniaco-depresiva. Detalii:

* Coalitia Antipsihiatrica ... Sunatoarea mai eficace decit Prozacul:
* Procesul lui Darwin:

luni, 9 februarie 2009

Hillary Clinton desire for UFO & extraterrestrial diplomacy

In the 1990s, during her White House years, Hillary participated in a clandestine effort by the Clinton administration to find out the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Full story:

* UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda:

European Space Agency - Planet X - Follow The Money

* The European Space Agency is in the final stages of preparing to launch its Herschel spacecraft after more than 20 years of development.
Herschel will soon become the largest telescope mirror in space, overshadowing the Hubble space telescope:

* Planet X - Follow The Money: When you follow the money, you see that our governments are taking this threat seriously. They’re spending immense sums to understand and cope with this threat. They are doing the right things, and at the right time. When you see the facts for yourself, the truth of it becomes unavoidable. There are science facts, and then there are economic realities. To see the difference, let’s follow the money as we examine the recent burst of research activity by space agencies worldwide. We’ll look at NASA (USA) , ESA (Europe), CNES (France) and JAXA (Japan), and what they’re saying:
* LiveVideo - NIBIRU Follow the Money:
* The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / Nibiru:

Gardianul: Un telescop spatial (Planeta X?) mai tare decat Hubble

Agentia Spatiala Europeana se pregateste sa lanseze un nou observator spatial - Herschel... din America de Sud... Spre deosebire de Hubble... Herschel va putea surprinde si alte lungimi de unda ale radiatiilor, inclusiv radiatiile infrarosii. Detalii:
* Gardianul: Planeta X, denumita Nibiru, ameninta viata de pe Terra... Furtunile solare ameninta Pamantul... in 1983 NASA a lansat IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) care a localizat un obiect numit Planeta X. Deocamdata poate fi vazut pe cer doar din locatiile sudice:
* Gardianul: Un obiect necunoscut "bombardeaza" energetic Antarctica:

Ziua: Pastrat secret de oficialitati, un incredibil caz OZN din Grecia a iesit la lumina

Grecia a intrat in febra OZN-urilor dupa ce a iesit la iveala ca, in urma cu peste un an, trei piloti de avioane au vazut acelasi lucru: un obiect zburator neidentificat, asemanator unei stele, dar mult mai mare si mai luminos, care isi schimba forma in mod constant, in timp ce se deplasa la vest de Atena. Detalii: