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The successful landing by NASA of two robotic rovers on Mars earlier this year was an occasion for joy and expectation – joy because so many of the preceding attempts (including by the Japanese and the British) have failed, and expectation of obtaining confirmation that Mars was once a watery planet.
This confirmation was announced by NASA on March 2, 2004. NASA's spokesman even went as far as stating that "where there was water there could be life.":

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The Guardian: It's snowing on Mars

It's snowing on Mars ... or at least in the sky above it. This is just one extraordinary piece of information being sent back to us by the landers, probes and rovers scanning the planet. Home to the largest mountain in the solar system and a canyon as long as the US is wide, it is a world as fantastic as any imagined by JG Ballard. Full story:

* NASA: Mars methane discovery hints at presence of life:

MSNBC: Attempts to contact aliens date back 150 years

The desire to contact intelligent life on other planets is much older than the UFO craze and the SETI movement. Several 19th century scientists contemplated how we might communicate with possible Martians and Venusians. Full story:

Ziua: Primele incercari ale oamenilor de a comunica cu extraterestrii dateaza din 1820

Dorinta de a contacta viata inteligenta de pe alte planete este mult mai veche decat frenezia OZN si aparitia SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), care, in 1974, a trimis in cosmos cu ajutorul undelor radio primul mesaj adresat potentialilor extraterestri. Nume celebre, precum Galileo sau Kepler, luau cat se poate de in serios posibilitatea ca si alte planete sa fie locuite. In aceste conditii, mai multi cercetatori ai secolului 19 si-au concentrat atentia asupra modului in care ar fi putut comunica cu posibilii martieni sau venusieni, relateaza MSNBC:

New Scientist: Is there a Planet X?

If we know enough to say the solar system is a filigree construction, we might reasonably assume we know where all its bits are. But lurking in the solar system's dark recesses, rumour has it, is an unsighted world - Planet X, a frozen body perhaps as large as Mars, or even Earth.
Planet X would be the most significant addition to the solar system since the discovery of Pluto, the now notorious non-planet, in 1930:

* Planet Gliese 581c and Planet X/Eris/Nibiru:

New Scientist: The mystery of Planet X

TWO years ago the solar system lost a planet. Pluto was deemed too insignificant to rank alongside Mars, Jupiter and the rest, and was demoted to dwarf planet status. Pluto's fall from favour left us with only eight bona fide planets. But what the solar system has lost, Patryk Lykawka now hopes to replace.
Lykawka, an astronomer at Kobe University in Japan, suspects a ninth planet as large as Earth is hiding beyond Pluto. So far, this frigid "super-Pluto" has escaped detection. But not for much longer, Lykawka hopes. "Within five years or so, we will know for sure if it exists." Full story:

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Denmark: Secret UFO archives opened

The Danish Air Force has opened its UFO archives, providing information on over 15,000 reported extraterrestrial sightings to the public. Full story:

Global Warming: Two sides of mass-deception

Have you noticed on the both sides of the Global Warming debate, there are two groups of very wealthy elites? We can perhaps readily appreciate the "no" side's motivation. This group is tied to large Petroleum and other interests. But the "yes, there is Global Warming side", that suggest that our planet Earth is on an unabated trend to heating up, is also tied to wealthy interests. Follow the money, and the trail seems to lead to an apparent interlocking clique with common ties to a reputed "Globalist Hegemony". Full story:

* FOXNews: Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore for Fraud:
* Global Warming, the War on Terrorism, and the Extraterrestrial link to "Planet X":
* THE GLOBAL WARMING MYTH- Prof David Bellamy:

Global Warming and dangers of a premature Ice Age

Why is Europe warm, when Alaska is not?" asked progressive radio talk show host, Thom Hartmann. recently? As a respected author and political commentator, Hartmann posed the question to highlight the fact that parts of Alaska, Labrador and Northern Europe are at the same latitude, yet have remarkably different climates. Full story:

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Ziua: Apocalipsa in 2012? Controverse, teorii si... filme

Dupa ce isteria apocalipsei in 2000 a trecut, lumea a inceput sa-si concentreze atentia asupra anului 2012. Alimentat de tomuri intregi de carti si alte lucrari, site-uri web si marturii legate de predictii antice, interesul pentru anul 2012 drept an terminus al omenirii sau, dupa caz, drept inceput al unei noi ere, ia acum un avant fara precedent, relateaza CNN:

* Gardianul: Furtunile solare ameninta Pamantul... NASA a comandat acest studiu pentru a evalua potentialele daune produse de schimbarile de vreme din spatiu... Este de asteptat ca furtunile solare sa-si sporeasca frecventa si intensitatea in preajma viitorului maxim solar, prevazut pentru 2012:
* CNN (YouTube): Norway's ark-Doomsday - 2012 Planet X ?:
* (YouTube): NIBIRU - Norwegian leader's letter of WARNING:

Revista Descopera: Selectia naturala a influentat numai partial evolutia umana

De ce unele dintre genele noastre au evoluat intr-un ritm accelerat, in timp ce altele s-au modificat foarte lent sau deloc? Raspunsul larg acceptat este teoria darwinista a selectiei naturale. Totusi, cercetarile conduse de un grup de oameni de stiinta ai Universitatii suedeze Uppsala sugereaza ca un proces separat, neutru si-a adus semnificativ contributia in producerea evolutiei umane:

* Revista Descopera: Craniul de “hobbit” descoperit in Indonezia nu este uman:

LiveScience: People with Super-Memories Forget Nothing

Imagine never forgetting anything. Virtue? Curse?
Four people are said to have such "super-memories," including the latest case, a Southern California man who researchers don't plan to identify by name. According to USA Today, the man recalls in detail most days of his life, as well as the day and date of key public events, said researchers Larry Cahill. Full story:

* LiveScience: Single Brain Cell Can Hold a Memory:

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BBC: Tories 'would publish UFO files'

David Cameron has vowed to publish any secret files that may exist on UFOs if he becomes prime minister.
Speaking at one of his regular Cameron Direct public meetings, he pledged to be "open and frank" with any government knowledge about close encounters:

* BBC: Scientists Meet for Alien Summit:
* BBC: Report on Possible Alien Invasion - Planet X - Secret files on UFO sightings have been made available for the first time by the Ministry of Defence:

CNN: Apocalypse in 2012? Date spawns theories, film

The date marks the end of a 5,126-year cycle on the Long Count calendar developed by the Maya, the ancient civilization known for its advanced understanding of astronomy and for the great cities it left behind in Mexico and Central America... Theories about what might happen range from solar storms triggering volcano eruptions to a polar reversal that will make the Earth spin in the opposite direction:
* CNN (YouTube): Norway's ark-Doomsday - 2012 Planet X ?:
* (YouTube): NIBIRU - Norwegian leader's letter of WARNING:

* Live Science about 2012, Solar Storm and NASA:
* Associated Press about 3,600 Years Ago (Planet X?) Natural Disasters:

Podesta influence in Obama White House extends to UFO disclosure

John Podesta was co-chair to President Obama’s transition team, and played a key role in selecting personnel for Presidential appointments. His influence was most clearly displayed in the Executive Orders and Presidential Memoranda on Obama’s first full day of office on January 21 promoting transparency and Open Government... An issue closely associated with Open Government initiatives is classified national security files concerning UFOs. Full story:

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BBC: Dwarf planet 'becoming a comet'

An unusual dwarf planet discovered in the outer Solar System could be en route to becoming the brightest comet ever known... 2003 EL61... Professor Mike Brown has calculated that the object could be due a close encounter with the planet Neptune.
If so, Neptune's gravity could catapult it into the inner Solar System as a short-period comet... Some time early in its history, it was smacked, edge on, by another large KBO (Kuiper Belt Objects):

* One of Nibiru's satellites cut Tiamat in two, thus forming the "Sky", the Asteroid Belt ... and the other half formed the Earth... a planet moving very fast, on a elliptical orbit, similar to a comet. (Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet):

Telegraph: RAF 'ordered to shoot down UFOs'

Pilots have apparently fired upon the unidentified objects without success since the 1980s, according to Nick Pope, who used to run the Ministry of Defence's UFO project:

* BBC: report on Possible Alien Invasion - Planet X:

Ziua: Fortele Aeriene britanice au incercat sa doboare OZN-uri

In virtutea unei directive secrete a Guvernului britanic, pilotii de elita din Fortele Aeriene Regale (RAF) au incercat sa doboare OZN-uri, informeaza cotidianul "The Sun". Nick Pope, care a lucrat la biroul pentru OZN-uri al Ministerului Apararii, a facut pentru prima data publice regulile de angajare in lupta:

* BBC: Report on Possible Alien Invasion - Planet X:

LiveScience: Single Brain Cell Can Hold a Memory

Memory has long been described as a function of brain cells getting together and forming connections. A new study finds single cells can remember things. Full story:

* A recent case (November 18, 2007) is that of a 39 years old Chinese woman, living a perfectly normal life, which, following medical investigations for a general state of dizziness and weakness, found out that she had only half a brain. Two statements:
- Dr. Zhang Linhong, director of Neural Rehabilitation Department at the Wuhan hospital, said: "On the MRI scans we were surprised to see that she only has grey matter on the right side. Our usual understanding is that the left brain controls language. But this patient has no problem communicating with people."
- The woman's mother: "She graduated from high school with very good marks. Her memory is very good. She remembers phone numbers and names immediately.":
* Prozac, used by 40M people, does not work, say scientists... 'St John's Wort plant as effective as Prozac for treating depression', say scientists:

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CNN a filmat un OZN la investitura lui Obama (Video)

Un video inregistrat de CNN la inaugurarea presedintelui Barack Obama face senzatie pe Internet.Un obiect zburator neidentificat apare pe langa Washington Monument, chiar in momentul inaugurarii:

UFO sees Obama become President

A UFO dropped in on Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony, it was claimed last night.
News footage captured a shadowy object flashing across the sky before the new President’s speech.
The high-speed object appears to streak behind the Washington Monument and then disappear into the clouds:

*UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda:

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Live Science: Teleportation Milestone Achieved

Scientists have come a bit closer to achieving the "Star Trek" feat of teleportation. No one is galaxy-hopping, or even beaming people around, but for the first time, information has been teleported between two separate atoms across a distance of a meter — about a yard.
This is a significant milestone in a field known as quantum information processing, said Christopher Monroe of the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland, who led the effort. Full story:

* Teleportation and forcefields possible within decades, says Professor Michio Kaku:

* Future of science: 'We will have the power of the gods.'(Professor Michio Kaku):
a) The Book of Enoch, Chapter 17:1-2:
This chapter begins with the description of a screen used by the Anunnaki/ Elohim - who moved along in the shape of energy globes - to rematerialize, taking a human shape. Then, a few geographical data about Eris/ Nibiru and/ or Gliese 581c follow:"They raised me up into a certain place, where there was the appearance of a burning fire; and when they pleased they assumed the likeness of men.They carried me to a lofty spot, to a mountain.":
b) Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet:
"1. The SHU.GAR.RA she put on her head.
2. "Measuring pendants," on her ears.
3. Chains of small blue stones, around her neck.
4. Twin "stones," on her shoulders.
5. A golden cylinder, in her hands.
6. Straps, clasping her breast.
7. The PALA garment, clothed around her body... She is indeed clothed in a "PALA garment" ("ruler’s garment"), and on her head she wears the SHU.GAR.RA helmet - a term that literally means "that which makes go far into the universe." All this suggests to us that the attire of Inanna was that of an astronaut."
c) The Bible:
"The LORD appeared to Abraham …Abraham looked up and saw three man standing nearby(a sudden appearance from the parallel universe - A/N)… While they ate, he stood near them under a tree …the men turned away and went toward Sodom, but Abraham remained standing before the LORD …the two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening "(Genesis 18:1,2,8,22; 19:1):
d) They are Here!:

The Guardian: Charles Darwin was wrong about the tree of life

Evolutionary biologists say crossbreeding between species is far more common than previously thought, making a nonsense of the idea of discrete evolutionary branches:
* Fred Hoyle (1983), a world renowned astronomer said, that life appeared on our planet following an interplanetary travel.
* Francis Crick, Nobel prize laureate for discovering the DNA, in his book Life Itself, its Origin and Nature, wrote that "life on Earth was brought here by micro - organisms from another planet, these micro - organisms traveling inside a spaceship sent to Earth by a superior civilization, developed somewhere else, billions of years ago".
a) Enigmatic Fossils - Darwin on Trial:
b) The Genesis of the Monkey People and the Genesis of the Anunnaki People:

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Revista Descopera: Craniul de “hobbit” descoperit in Indonezia nu este uman

Cercetatorii responsabili cu analizarea unui craniu cu aspect omenesc, dar de dimesiuni foarte reduse, descoperit in urma cu cinci ani in Indonezia, au conchis ca fosila nu este de origine umana, anunta Daily Mail:

NOVA: Alien From Earth

a) Daily Mail: Scientists analysing a 'hobbit'-sized skull found five years ago have claimed that it is not human.
The fossil was discovered in Indonesia and named Homo floresiensis, or 'hobbit', but its species was not known:

b) NOVA: Do the remains of a tiny hobbit-like creature found on the Island of Flores belong to a new human species ?:

1) YouTube: NOVA: Alien From Earth "The Hobbit" 1 of 5:
2) YouTube: NOVA: Alien From Earth "The Hobbit" 2 of 5:
3) YouTube: NOVA: Alien From Earth "The Hobbit" 3 of 5:
4) YouTube: NOVA: Alien From Earth "The Hobbit" 4 of 5;
5) YouTube: NOVA: Alien From Earth "The Hobbit" 5 of 5:
* Fred Hoyle (1983), a world renowned astronomer said, that life appeared on our planet following an interplanetary travel.
* Francis Crick, Nobel prize laureate for discovering the DNA, in his book Life Itself, its Origin and Nature, wrote that "life on Earth was brought here by micro - organisms from another planet, these micro - organisms traveling inside a spaceship sent to Earth by a superior civilization, developed somewhere else, billions of years ago".
a) Enigmatic Fossils - Darwin on Trial:
b) The Genesis of the Monkey People and the Genesis of the Anunnaki People:

Revista Descopera: Cum ne vom petrece sfarsitul lumii?

Pentru unii numaratoarea inversa a Apocalipsei a inceput deja! Va fi oare 21.12.2012 ultima zi a Umanitatii si a intregului Pamant, dupa cum au prezis anticii mayasi? Vom trai si vom vedea. Intre timp, pentru ca asteptarea sa fie mai usoara, iata ce prevad scenariile Sfarsitului Lumii:

* Gardianul: Planeta X, denumita Nibiru, ameninta viata de pe Terra:
* Gardianul: Furtunile solare ameninta Pamantul:

Nostradamus and Planet X

a) Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts
(Century IV, Quatrain 67)
A very bright, previously unknown comet will appear and coincide with the time of great geological troubles, with earthquakes and volcanoes erupting and disrupting weather systems:

b) Quatrain 2.41:
The great star for seven days will burn,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The great mastiff will be all night howling,
When the great pontiff changes his land:

c) Century2.Quatrains 43:
During the appearance of the bearded star.
The three great princes will be made enemies:
Struck from the sky, peace earth quaking,
Po, Tiber overflowing, serpent placed upon the shore:

UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda

Obama’s bold initiative for Open Government reflects the influence of the Co-Chair of his Presidential transition team, John Podesta... Less well known is that in October 22, 2002, Podesta petitioned for the release of UFO files that had been unnecessarily classified. He said: "I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs.” Full story:

* Briefing Obama on UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life:
* US Navy X-Files known to Obama’s Intelligence Chief:

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Revista Descopera despre dezastrele (Planeta X?) de acum 3600 de ani

Mai intai cutremurele si apoi ploile torentiale provocate de un fenomen de tip El Niño, deosebit de intens, au dus la distrugerea primelor populatii sudamericane, disparute cu aproximativ 3.600 de ani in urma:

* Ziarul Gardianul despre Planeta X/Nibiru:
* Sute de dovezi din toata lumea despre evenimentele de acum 3600 de ani sint in lucrarea “Ciocnirea Lumilor”(Ed. Lucman, Bucuresti), de I. Velikovsky: “O cometa... trecand destul de aproape, ar ridica apele oceanului la o inaltime de kilometri... traditiile poporului peruvian... oceanul si-a parasit tarmurile si, cu un zgomot cumplit, s-a abatut asupra uscatului...Vechile popoare din Mexic evocau o epoca a lumii care a fost lovita mortal de prabusirea cerului... Strabo relateaza, citandu-l pePtolemeu, fiul lui Lagos, generalul lui Alexandru...ca Alexandru i-a intrebat pe celti...de ce se temeau ei cel mai mult. Iar acestia i-au raspuns ca lor le era teama doar sa nu le cada cerul in cap”:
* Eris - Planeta Rosie:
* Eris - Planeta Crucii:
* Planeta Eris si fenomenele extreme:

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Associated Press about 3,600 Years Ago (Planet X?) Natural Disasters

WASHINGTON (AP) — Nature turned against one of America's early civilizations 3,600 years ago, when researchers say earthquakes and floods, followed by blowing sand, drove away residents of an area that is now in Peru. "This maritime farming community had been successful for over 2,000 years, they had no incentive to change, and then all of a sudden, boom, they just got the props knocked out from under them," anthropologist Mike Moseley of the University of Florida said in a statement. Full story:

* The Planet Eris/ Nibiru periodically getting closer to Earth once in 3,600 years generates numerous climate changes, one being the global warming with its natural consequence – the melting of the glaciers. The effect of glaciers melting, because of their sweet water, will be the ending of the thermo – saline natural system, the “ engine “ that allows the Gulfstream circulation to the North and the freezing of spread areas in the North – West of Europe and North – East U.S.A.
Briefly, here is the process that took place during the last two periods in which the Gods Planet has passed between Mars and Jupiter, the nearest point to Earth:
- 7,200 years ago, during the cataclysm known as “Noah’s flood“, “sudden changes in temperature, violent storms and water avalanches from Antarctica broke off from their ‘ice prison’ Dr. John T. Hollin at Maine University (U.S.A.) considers that large pieces periodically came out of the Antarctic ice field creating a huge tide” (Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet).
- 3,600 years ago, during the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt in the middle of the second millennium B.C., the Earth suffered big cataclysms. “A celestial body that recently entered our solar system – a new comet – came very close to Earth [causing – A/N] the eventual disappearance of the glacier layer“ (Immanuel Velikovsky, “Worlds in Collision“).
- The logical explanation of the warming process on Earth and on the other planets in our solar system proves to be the one provided by I. Velikovsky, in his book from 1950: “Two celestial bodies have been attracted one to each other. The inner masses of the Earth were pushed to the periphery. The Earth, with its rotation movement disturbed, started to warm“:

Planet Gliese 581c and Planet X/Eris/Nibiru

a) Astronomers Discover Earth-Like Planet Outside Solar System... Scientists from the European Southern Observatory working in Chile have found a new planet outside our solar system that is more like Earth than any other known planet... Like Earth, the new planet "Gliese 581c" orbits its sun in "the habitable zone." The estimated surface temperature is between minus 3 and 40 degrees celsius -- neither too cold nor too hot for life as we know it. This means there could be liquid water on the planet's surface. Full story:
b) Nibiru is one of many Planets that orbit a dark star or (Brown Dwarf). This Dark Star has five minor planets, the sixth an Earth-sized Homeworld, and the seventh the planet or object we call Nibiru... it is the physical link or "ferry" between our solar system and the dark star system of it's Brown Dwarf Star. Full story:
c) Modern Science and the Ancient Writings on the Genesis of the Solar System:

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Briefing Obama on UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life

After his inauguration, President Obama will begin receiving daily intelligence briefings from his incoming Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis Blair (ret.)... Among the vital national security issues that President Obama will receive classified briefings on is intelligence data on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Full story:

* A Tale of Extraterrestrial Politics in the White House:

US Navy X-Files known to Obama’s Intelligence Chief

After confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Retired Admiral Dennis Blair will formally begin his new position as Director of National Intelligence... The existence of the Navy’s X-Files was first revealed by deceased Navy whistleblower, William Cooper... In short, Admiral Blair had ‘need-to-know’ access to the Navy’s X-Files... Obama does receive X-Files briefings from Blair, Obama will have the opportunity to disclose information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life to the general public. Full story:

* Jimmy Carter - UFOs:

The earth's magnetic field impacts climate: Danish study

The earth's climate has been significantly affected by the planet's magnetic field, according to a Danish study published Monday that could challenge the notion that human emissions are responsible for global warming:

* THE GLOBAL WARMING MYTH- Prof David Bellamy:
* ECOLOGICAL EVIDENCE from Previous PLANET X Passages:

vineri, 16 ianuarie 2009

In farewell speech, NASA chief muses on alien life

"I would be very surprised if we didn't find life elsewhere, and frankly I expect to live to see it," Griffin said. "I would be surprised to find that life never originated on Mars, and I wouldn't be terribly surprised to find dormant or quiescent life underground," he added:

joi, 15 ianuarie 2009

Realitatea TV: Rocile de pe Marte se plimbă

La început, modalitatea de organizare a pietrelor de pe Marte prin nisip părea foarte simplă şi chiar intuitivă... Andrew Leier, asistent de geofizică la Universitatea din California, a început să le observe... a descoperit că tot ce ştia el până atunci... nu se aplică... NASA sugerează că vântul era responsabil pentru împrăştierea rocilor...Leier, co-autor al studiului, alături de Jon Pelletier de la Universitatea din Arizona şi de James Steidtmann de la Universitatea din Wyoming, au declarat că acest lucru ar fi imposibil... au descoperit că, în loc să fie împinse de vânt, pietrele chiar tind să se deplaseze în direcţia vântului dominant:

* In cursul zilei de azi s-a anuntat oficial existenta vietii pe Marte. Poate ca in curind, tot oficial, NASA va arata adevarata culoare a acestei planete. Cu prezentarea CELOR care plimba rocile e ceva mai dificil, dar nu imposibil... NASA Hides the True Colour of Mars:
* NASA and Planet X:
* PLANET X, MARS, NASA, UFOs, and Ancient Cultures:

A fost descoperita viata pe planeta Marte

Micro-organisme extraterestre care traiesc sub solul planetei Marte sunt raspunzatoare pentru gazele care inconjoara Planeta Rosie, sustin oamenii de stiinta de la NASA... Descoperirea este privita deja ca o dovada incontestabila ca micro-organismele extraterestre sunt in viata si in prezent... Se asteapta ca in decursul zilei de joi, NASA sa confirme aceasta descoperire in cadrul unei prezentari de presa oficiale la Washington:

* NASA Hides the True Colour of Mars:
* NASA and Planet X: