miercuri, 5 mai 2010

51 big earthquakes in the first 4 days of May 2010

- 8 Big earthquakes occurred on January 2010
- 5 Big earthquakes occurred on February 2010
- 7 Big earthquakes occurred on March 2010
- 34 Big earthquakes occurred on April 2010
- 51 Big earthquakes occurred in only the first 4 days of May 2010

Something is happen, the extremely great increase in the quantity of strong earthquakes in the last days means that Hercolubus (Planet X) is coming very close of Earth. Full story:

California unveils new seismic map... Will Alaska and California be next in the chain of Massive Quakes around the Ring of Fire?... Strong earthquakes may weaken distant fault lines (Reuters, Sep 30,2009):
* Hercolubus (Planet X) approaching consequences. Small volcanoes appeared in Baja California... Hercolubus the Red Planet and Gnostic Predictions for the Coming Planet X / Nibiru Flyby: