duminică, 16 mai 2010

Giant hexagon of clouds spins on Saturn while clouds disappear from Jupiter

- (NaturalNews) Here at NaturalNews, we normally report on Earthly events, but right now some rather grand events are taking place in our solar system that you may want to know about. Full story:

* The Warming Process on Earth and on the Other Planets in Our Solar System... The Neptune’s moon, Triton is warming (BBC Science & Technology News, July 25, 1999)... Pluto experiences an extraordinary heating (Massachusetts Institute of Technology News, October 9, 2002)... The warming of Mars (ABC News, December 7, 2002)...
-NASA - Mars methane discovery hints at presence of life (Telegraph, 15 Jan 2009)... Global Warming on Mars?...- THE LOGICAL EXPLANATION of the warming process on Earth and on the other planets in our solar system proves to be the one provided by I. Velikovsky, in his book - Worlds in Collision - from 1950: 3600 years ago - “Two celestial bodies (The Earth and Planet X - A/N) have been attracted one to each other. The inner masses of the Earth were pushed to the periphery. The Earth, with its rotation movement disturbed, started to warm“: