sâmbătă, 25 octombrie 2008


- The flood caused by Nibiru when the planet entered our solar system for the penultimate time, nearly 7200 years ago, destroyed the cities of gods and their mines... Today, only the old Sumerian drawings and ancients' writings are still visible. Some of these drawings represent massive constructions with wood or cane structures, thought to be shelters for animals. But Zecharia Sitchin, in his book," The Twelfth Planet", has a different opinion , which I also find the correct one: "This explanation is contradicted by the pillars erected through their roofs … These 'pillars' bear one or more pairs of 'rings' , their role has not been determined yet/being determined … would it be possible that these objects were transmission antennas ? were these objects transmitter/receiver antennas? Were the pairs of transmitting rings placed right there, on the ground to guide the spacecrafts? Were these pillars the 'all - seeing eyes' of the gods, also mentioned in the Sumerian writings? What we know is that these objects were connected to portable devices, because of the numerous drawings representing 'divine objects' shaped as boxes and transported by boat … Such apparently supernatural equipment - which made it possible to communicate with a deity though the deity was physically somewhere else. Full story: