miercuri, 15 septembrie 2010

Comets may have brought life to Earth: new study

- Computer simulations show that long chains containing carbon-nitrogen bonds can form during shock compression of a cometary ice. Upon expansion, the long chains break apart to form complexes containing the protein building amino acid glycine.
(PhysOrg.com) -- Life on Earth as we know it really could be from out of this world. New research from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists shows that comets that crashed into Earth millions of years ago could have produced amino acids - the building blocks of life. Full story:

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- Fred Hoyle (1983), a world renowned astronomer said, that life appeared on our planet following an interplanetary travel.
- Francis Crick, Nobel prize laureate for discovering the DNA, in his book Life Itself, its Origin and Nature, wrote that "life on Earth was brought here by micro - organisms from another planet, these micro - organisms traveling inside a spaceship sent to Earth by a superior civilization, developed somewhere else, billions of years ago"... NASA:
Ingredient for life detected in comet dust: