duminică, 10 ianuarie 2010

Origin of the Species, From an Alien View

WHERE did humankind come from?
If you’re going to ask Zecharia Sitchin, be ready for a “Planet of the Apes” scenario: spaceships and hieroglyphics, genetic mutations and mutinous space aliens in gold mines. Full story:

* The Unknown History of Mankind - The study of the Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite writings has brought together "an army of scientists for more then a century", as Z. Sitchin said in "The Twelfth Planet".
The separate analysis of the above mentioned texts, of the Dead Sea Scrolls (The Book of Enoch being contemporary with the Sumerian writings), of the Bible, the Koran, etc. will not lead to any coherent explanation concerning the formation of the Earth, the understanding of the origins of the human race on Earth and our role within the Universe, because these writings interfere one with each other...
The Genesis of the Monkey People and the Genesis of the Anunnaki People...
- Modern Science and the Ancient Writings on the Genesis of the Solar System: